Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable Mobility

Life’s too short for traffic.”

Dan Bellack

The invention of the automobile is one of the most significant innovations of the last centuries and, being the most widely accepted mode of passenger transportation, the automobile has changed society around the world in a momentous way.

Although many of these changes have had positive impacts, the proliferation of private cars has very high economic, social and environmental costs that affect us both individually and collectively.

This is why it is increasingly necessary to implement urban mobility systems in which more favourable forms of transport replace the private car as the most widely used option for travelling in cities.

We firmly believe that the correct training and mobilisation of citizens is vital to promote a genuine model of sustainable urban mobility. For this reason we organise talks, advisory sessions and other training activities to disseminate relevant information to the citizen and business sectors.

Additionally we have developed Mobilitas+, a program to promote sustainable mobility at the hyperlocal level and BICIvitas, a set of activities to promote the regular use of bicycles as a means of urban transport.