Citizen Education

We firmly believe that citizen education is essential for sustainability. Therefore, we design and implement educational programs and advisory services that clearly inform about the principles of sustainable development, create awareness and encourage commitment to changes that promote sustainability.

Our citizen education activities include:

Informative talks

Short events (1 or 2 hours) that present information to a group of people under an informal and relaxed atmosphere that induces audience participation to awaken or strengthen interest in sustainability and guide to learn more about the topic.

Workshops, seminars and courses

These are based on the material of the informative talks and include exercises and group activities that deepen this material and contribute to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that facilitate the adoption of more sustainable habits and practices.

Directed activities

Programs designed for school children and teenagers, in which they can participate after school and/or during vacation periods learning about sustainability in a dynamic, healthy and entertaining way.

Consulting and advisory services

Focused on proposing and assisting in the implementation of formulas to improve specific situations that obstruct the adoption of sustainability practices in a community, company or organization.

All these activities complement each other and are integrated in a relevant way with our citizen activation programs.