Citizen Activation

Along with citizen education activities, we develop projects that encourage the organization and mobilization of citizens to strengthen their communities and encourage solidarity economy and local commerce while promoting social cohesion and sustainability in their environment.

These projects are designed to be executed at the hyperlocal level, i.e. within a neighborhood, district or suburb. Recognizing the uniqueness of each neighborhood and the specific characteristics of its inhabitants, we adjust our work methodologies to suit the context in which our projects are implemented.

Although it is possible to carry out our citizen activation projects independently, at ecocivitas we strive to structure action plans that complement each other, giving rise to programs such as Vicinia+, a set of projects that are integrated to progressively transform neighbourhoods, making them more sustainable and increasing the citizen participation of the people who live in them, or Mobilitas+, a program to promote sustainable urban mobility at the hyperlocal level through citizen education and activation.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in obtaining more information about our projects.